Mastering the Art of Great Plant Design

Mastering the Art of Great Plant Design

Learn how to combine plants, trees and shrubs to create designer gardens.

A six-week Online Course.

Award winning garden designer Tasha Tollman will guide you step by step to creating the beautiful garden that you have been dreaming of.

Course Starts 31 October 2021

Cost R2250.00

Course fee including all learning material and facilitation only R 2250.00!

Learning how to successfully create beautiful planting schemes that look great all year round, is an art from that takes many professional garden designers years to learn. This six-week online course shares with you the secrets used by great garden designers to create impactful, eye-catching planting schemes and shows you how to choose planting combinations that delight the viewer.


Whether you are a complete beginner to gardening and don’t know where to start or you have an existing garden that just needs to be tweaked this five week course, takes out the guess work and guides you through your plant choices, showing you how to create a garden that looks beautiful all year round. The methods and process taught in this course work and can be applied anywhere in the world.


Over six week period, you will receive six plant design video tutorials, pdf notes and practical applications as we share with you the secrets top designers use to create the wow factor.

Award winning Garden Designer, Tasha Tollman provides one-on-one coaching as she guides you throughout  your plant design process to ensure that by the end of the course you have created a planting plan that will transform your garden into a beautiful feature.

In addition you will receive the complete nine video Gardening 101 series that contains all the horticultural practices you need to know to create a healthy thriving garden.


Six videos with transcripts

Access to full Gardening 101 course

Access to a private Facebook Forum

Personal Guidance by Tasha Tollman

Two comprehensive plant Lists


Module 1: Form follows functions

Beautiful gardens need to look good, but they also have to feel good and function well, and our plant design journey begins with choosing plants to create the walls, floors, ceiling, pathways and passages of our planting schemes and in this way create an inviting, comfortable, relaxing and safe space that can be enjoyed by all.

Module 2: Planting Patterns

Success in planting design relies in identifying your design goals, the look and feel that you want to create in your planting scheme and this week we take a look at how combining different numbers of plants, in different patterns creates different effects in the garden.

Module 3: Planting Shapes

Understanding how different plant shapes direct the eye and where to place what shape in the planting scheme is critical to creating beautiful planting schemes.

Module 4: Planting Combinations

Plants have different visual textures depending on the size of their leaves and it is this visual texture that sets the style of the planting scheme. Learning to successfully combine different plant textures creates a planting scheme that grabs your attention and creates interest and depth in the planting scheme.

Module 5: Colour

Gardens are all about colour and successful garden design plays with the style, the mood, the perspectives and visual effects created by colour to create a relaxing, tranquil area or an energising, joyful space. We can use colour to create dramatic statements in the garden or to alter visual distance in the garden, making a garden appear larger or more intimate.

Module 6: Right Plant, Right Place

We are now ready to make your final selection of plants for your planting schemes and so we turn our attention to the climatic conditions of your garden and to choosing plants that will thrive in your climate. As the final step in our journey you will create a planting plan list that can be implemented to create your perfect planting scheme.


Full Course fee is R 2250.00.

For queries and alternative payment options, please email


It’s so amazing how I can see now how I have gone wrong in planting… this course is making so everything so much clearer for me.

Loving every minute of it. Can highly recommend it

Gillian L Fisher

Plant Design Course

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