About Us

About Us

Terry Moller, author of THE GARDEN RECIPE BOOK Planning and Designing Successful Gardens is a well known “Garden Guru” and innovative thinker in the South African Horticultural industry who has had a lifelong passionate affair with beautiful gardens and gardening, studying the principles and elements of garden design through some of the greats like the Royal Horticultural Society and John Brooks. Some of her proudest achievements include being the founder and Principal of Lifestyle College for fifteen years; introducing the concept of design show gardens into the South African market where she guided and mentored landscape designers at Lifestyle Garden Centre and at Garden World for the past twenty years and taking a garden design team to the Calgary World Skills Olympics 2004. Over the years her own garden has been featured a number of times in various magazines and television shows and she has been interviewed on a number of different radio stations.

Tasha Tollman a qualified Education, Training and Development Practitioner (ETDP, UJ)  is the daughter of Terry and grew up in a household passionate about gardening, as a result from a young age she absorbed the art of garden design through a daily process of osmosis,  imitation and workshops. She has been involved in developing interactive, experiential training material for a number of corporates and companies including Discovery Health, Lifestyle College, PAETA (Primary Agricultural Education and Training Authority) and ran a successful training and development company for over ten years.

Tasha also writes feature articles for SA Garden and Home where she shares design tips – take a look under our Media section.

Last year she created a succulent show garden for the 2018 Garden World Spring Festival and achieved the top award of Platinum and won the prestiges Waterwise trophy. You can download a copy of the planting plan – take a look under our Free Giveaway section.

Terry and Tasha hold workshops throughout South Africa helping gardeners find their signature style and create beautiful outdoor spaces.